Your Friendly Neighborhood Autistic-Queer-Lolita Writings About Their Life.


Hello, I am Yassik 16milion or Ponetium Halftree and this is my English blog. I am autistic, genderqueer, polyamorous, vegan, immigrant to Israel from the former USSR and a brolita. I try to do art in form of drawing and I try to write decent blogposts and short stories. I am also working on my master’s degree in biotechnology. I am what other people love to call “special snowflake tumblrer”, even thought I don’t have tumblr account at all (and most actual snowflakes are not that special anyway). I don’t think I am special at all, but I still have some words that I would like to express.

I speak English as a second (or even third) language, and I know it is far from perfect, and I am very sorry for that, but I can’t become better without practice, and thus – I write on this blog. You can always connect me and inform me about my grammar and spelling mistakes if you want to.

I speak Hebraw, Russian as a native speaker and have sort of decent English. I can read quite well in all this languages (slower in Russian), but read and write the best in Hebrew. I can also understand Ukrainian, thought I can’t speak it.

I hope you will enjoy my words. If you like what I write, please consider commenting what you think. I love reading your comments and thoughts.


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